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Schedule all of your interviews in one click.

When scheduling interviews, you have to take everyone's availability into account. With multiple interviewees and interviewers, this can quickly become an enormous task. For InterviewKit, we developed a unique scheduler that finds the optimal time for each interview in seconds.


Automatically transcribe your interview audio.

Through machine learning, we have become pretty great at converting speech into text. InterviewKit combines transcription technology with a unique and smart editor that allows you to fix any imperfections quickly. Together, it makes you transcribe interviews in minutes, not hours.

Smart editor

Discover, label and organize your results.

If you are using traditional qualitative data analysis software to code your interviews, you will love a breath of fresh air. Meet InterviewKit's smart editor. It seamlessly moves along with the video or audio of your interview, and features lots of other intuitive tools that make analysis a breeze.

Batch email

Type one email, send it to 100 interviewees.

Keeping every interviewee up to date can take many hours—especially when things change. With smart email variables and templates, you get it done in minutes. Quickly send everyone their interview times, or schedule a reminder 15 minutes before each interview. It's as simple as that.

Quick find

Create a searchable archive of everything you ever learned.

After all of your efforts to complete an interview project, you don't want your results go to waste. When you archive a project in InterviewKit, you can still use the global find feature to search through all of your findings. So if you ever need to find something back, you're only a shortcut away.

Self-serve forms

Let your interviewees supply their own information.

Create forms in InterviewKit that you can send to your interviewees, or publish it online to recruit new respondents. Ask custom questions to get the information you need, and keep their answers bundled together. Even let them provide their availability, so you can easily schedule them.

Realtime collaboration

Split the workload by inviting others.

A second (or third) pair of eyes can be immensely helpful when conducting or analyzing interviews. In InterviewKit, you can share an interview project with anyone that has an email address. So easily add team members, other researchers, or even a client, and collaborate with everyone in real time.


Let InterviewKit make the final presentation for you.

After your interview project, the last thing you want to do is spend another week in PowerPoint just to share your results with others. InterviewKit has presentations built right in —so you can create a slide deck of your findings, accompanied with audio or video clips, with a single click.

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